PREDOCTORAL CONTRACT WeCare Chair 23-24 academic year

The WeCare Chair offers a three-year doctoral scholarship to train researchers in the field of end-of-life mitigation. The aim of the scholarship is to support a doctoral student in conducting research aligned with the interests of the WeCare Chair, focusing specifically on end-of-life suffering. REQUIREMENTS: DURATION: The scholarship lasts three years, without the possibility of…

SGR Consolidated 2021-SGR- 1379. Well-being and health in vulnerable people and end of life (Acronym: BeVital).

SGR Coordinator: Albert Balaguer; Members: Cristina Monforte, Iris Crespo, Andrea Rodríguez, Denise Pergolizzi, Blanca Goni-Fuste, Christian Villavicencio, Déborah Moreno, Mariona Guerrero, Joaquim Julià, Carlos García Forero, Pere Castellví, Andrea Miranda, Esperanza Gómez, María Fernández, María Gámiz, Silvia Recoder, Isabella Meneghel, Claudia Rossi, Samantha Alvarez, Xavier Corbella, Néstor Sánchez.

2022-2025 Project: Efficacy of a proactive coping intervention to address thoughts about death in people with advanced cancer: randomized clinical trial.

Funding Entity: Fondo de Investigación Sanitaria; Instituto de Salud Carlos IIIExpedient Number: PI22/01536Researchers: IP: Iris Crespo & Albert Balaguer; Members: Cristina Monforte, Andrea Rodríguez, Dulce Rodriguez,  Quim Julià, Deborah Moreno, Mariona Guerrero, Pere Castellví, Denise Pergolizzi, María Nabal, Natalia de Iriarte.